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ARTERO Complements 18" Long Tooth Grooming Comb P222


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Quality Grooming ARTERO 18" Comb is a definite must for all Pets.

Going to the Beach, Running and Playing this comb will ensure you can keep your pet without tangles, knots or mats in fur.

A great and sturdy comb for everyday use.

Wide/Coarse Teeth on One Side and Fine/Narrow Comb Teeth on the other side for all Pet coats needs and requirements.

Fine or Narrow pin is used for combing smaller hair areas of a dog or for combing of a part precisely.

Wider or Coarse pin is used for normal combing or combing the body of the dog

Chrome Material

Pin Length: 1.2"

Round Back

Comb Length 7"

Founded in 1909, Barcelona, (Spain), Artero has had over 105 years experience in distributing and manufacturing products for the care and hygiene of your pets. 

As a leader in the Pet Sector, Artero has expanded horizons and is now present in over 35 countries worldwide, including Asia, Europe, America, South America and Oceania. 


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