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JAM Packed SPECIAL PROMOTIONAL GIFT PACK - Squeaky Furry Toy, Single Pee Pad 80cm and One Pair of Quality Silicone Grooming Mitts


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The most effective and useful Gift Pack for a Pup.

JalPuppy 100% Waterproof Pet Mat has great a number of uses

  • At dinner time to eat off (no mess) simply shake food away
  • Brilliant size 80cm x 90cm (can be folded in half for a smaller mat)
  • In Pet Crate
  • On Furniture (protection furniture and fur shedding)
  • Protecting Beds
  • Indoor Potty Training or Overnight floor protection
  • On Floor for training indoor
  • To protect any carpet surfaces
  • In the Car, no more problems with a wet pup coming home from a swim

Grooming Gloves and Washing Mitts

This is one pair of gloves for right and left hands.  Superior quality Silicone attracts loose fur and helps to keep coat shiny and knot free.

  • Great for Washing, Tips enable cleaning around sensitive areas such as eyes, bottom and underbelly
  • A good rub down outside eliminates loose coat fur.  Discard fur into the garden for birds nests
  • Total massage for the older and weary pups who need a good rub down to stimulate circulation

Special Cute Toy to Cuddle

  • Quality made Soft Toy for those special cuddles and fur baby hugs
  • Squeaky stimulation and soft finishes make puppy play safe and fun

Gift packages come gift wrapped ready to give with your choice of ribbon in pink or blue.  Please send us a message with your order and Gift Packaging will be FREE and included with your order.


L , Caboolture Qld wrote "Love this blanket !! So beautiful and warm Jaxons new favorite blanket"

KS, Sunshine Coast Qld wrote "Our beautiful Ruby loves her new blankie, thank you so much"

LW, Eltham Victoria wrote "Boston just loves his new JalPuppy Quilt and always finding his quilt; it's his special place"

JF, Williamstown Victoria wrote " Millie has found the best place in the house;   just loves sleeping on JalPuppy.  I cannot believe how easy it is to wash and dry.  Millie no longer sits on the couch and furniture is fur free".








SF, Greensborough Victoria wrote "Bailey on her JalPuppy, enjoying the padding and cotton fabric; great to sleep on"

JW, Eltham Victoria wrote "Honey just loves JalPuppy, perfectly protecting the dog cushion underneath, we wash the quilt now, saves so much time and trouble, love the colors too".


DRM, Brisbane. This is Ruby, she is nearly 17 on her new JalPuppy quilt. As you can see Ruby is very comfortable.