Diet for a Mini Dachshund

by Linda Cole on Jul 04, 2021

Diet for a Mini Dachshund

Strict Food Diet - Mini Dachshund

- 1/2 cup dry each morning and night (usually he grazes but with the heightened activity I’m sure he’ll be into it and actually have meals at yours, just play it by ear)

- Then there’s Sardine Saturday, if I remember to put them in he has a full tin for breakfast, if I forget he won’t care too much

- Dental greenie each night (usually he has that while we are having tea) ask him if he wants his toothbrush and see how excited he gets haha

- He is used to having a small piece of raw carrot when I prep lunch and tea but don’t stress about that I’m sure he won’t care
(If you do sneak some other food to him just back off some of the dry for that day)

If this helps here’s also a guide to how dashies are meant to look 


If you google Obie dachshund there’s a sad story but with a very happy ending about an extremely obese snag 

He’s also got a Facebook page if that’s easier to find Obie Dog Journey 



Max has 1/2 cup twice daily, very small piece of carrot at lunch and tea time prep, occasionally a bit of apple (peeled) if I’m having one and he’s interested at the time, 1 greenie dental toothbrush (teenie size) at our tea time


(For his weight and size he’s allowed to have 1 1/4 cups per day of hills but since he has carrot and toothbrush daily those calories add up so we give the 1 cup instead, plus he’s a grazer so he tends not to want more anyway) 


We never feed him from the table and he no longer has meaty meals as that was affecting him (he started getting crystals in his urine and vet said the hills science has everything he needs so avoid what’s not working for him) also those softer meaty bits interfere with his anal glands (a common dashie issue as the get blocked and need to be expressed, we however have been fortunate max has not had this problem and that’s mainly to how strict we feed him with both food and quantity). 






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