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Gentle Nail Filer Grinder for Pets Nails

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  • Detachable Solid Grinding Wheel

JalPuppy Grinder head is made from resilient silicon carbide, which is highly durable and a perfect choice


  • Great for any size Pet Paws

Perfect for those dogs who do not like having their nails trimmed using clippers.  Gentle and calming experience for all dogs.  

For large dogs, trim the Dog nail first with clippers before using the grinder, especially for large dogs.  It does take longer to grind nails of large dogs. 


  • Easy Operation

The pet nail grinder operates with a motor that does not scare pets.  This quiet motor eases tension and prevents stress and anxiety of trimming pet’s nails.  Clipping or trimming pet nails is a now a much better experience for everyone


  • USB Charging

The electric dog nail grinder comes with a USB port cable, which can be easily connected to a laptop computer, AC adapter, car, or power bank to charge whenever and wherever. It is very convenient to carry and use


  • 1 year Guarantee 

Providing customers with high quality products is always our goal. We stand behind our products and guarantee satisfaction.  Our customer service are available to answer any questions jalpuppy@linddenn.com


Most importantly, we use this product on our pets, which is why we know it is so great to use and offer you and your pet

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