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JOJO Puzzle - In Stock


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  • Is your fur baby up for the challenge? 

    • New Jalpuppy puzzle treat plate stimulates pups and gets senses going crazy for hidden treats

 Sturdy and stabilized with rubber feet on the underside, the treat tray holds ground as your pup goes on the hunt

 Hide treats in different spots, not in each compartment, your fur baby will use a strong sense of smell to secure the prized treat


    • Use as a slow feeder or training game

 Features a total of 25 compartments to hide treats

 Moving compartments reveal treats and an outer tray portion that needs the bone turned to open

 Advanced treat puzzle game of hide and seek with complex compartments to open


*Will be $55 from 1st January 2022


Additional Discounts do not apply to this product


Great Pet Time consumer

if you need to go out or be occupied elsewhere,

load up the plate and your

fur baby will be ready for the challenge


Jalpuppy is about practical products to have fun with pups




L , Caboolture Qld wrote "Love this blanket !! So beautiful and warm Jaxons new favorite blanket"

KS, Sunshine Coast Qld wrote "Our beautiful Ruby loves her new blankie, thank you so much"

LW, Eltham Victoria wrote "Boston just loves his new JalPuppy Quilt and always finding his quilt; it's his special place"

JF, Williamstown Victoria wrote " Millie has found the best place in the house;   just loves sleeping on JalPuppy.  I cannot believe how easy it is to wash and dry.  Millie no longer sits on the couch and furniture is fur free".








SF, Greensborough Victoria wrote "Bailey on her JalPuppy, enjoying the padding and cotton fabric; great to sleep on"

JW, Eltham Victoria wrote "Honey just loves JalPuppy, perfectly protecting the dog cushion underneath, we wash the quilt now, saves so much time and trouble, love the colors too".


DRM, Brisbane. This is Ruby, she is nearly 17 on her new JalPuppy quilt. As you can see Ruby is very comfortable.